Administration and society participation in international scope:

Alpine Rose is responsible for all the operations outside the border of the company's native country, always following the legal proceedings of the country in where they are fixed.

Incorporations and Intra-Companies commercialization

Following the evolution and trends of the business world, Alpine Rose also provides incorporation and commercialization intra-companies services.

Alpine Rose is a Trust Management Company with headquarter in U.K., and offices fixed in Europe, Brazil and U.S.A. It offers services of administration and society participation in internation scope, importation and exportation of industrial goods, incorporations and Intra-Companies commercialization and evaluations and qualifications of industrial goods. It acts in national and international scope.

The function of Alpine Rose is to make possible investiments of companies inside and out of the border of the company's native country.

With highly qualified and specialized professionals in each one of the jurisdictions where it acts in to attend the most diverse necessities, Alpine Rose provides assistance to companies in the following areas: participation, business administration, implantation of industrial projects, transference of plants, feasibility market studies, logistic, evaluations, of manufactured industrial goods, importation of industrial goods, purchase and sale of used industrial assets in the exterior and Brazil.

Alpine Rose's commitment is to offer a personalized work of excellence and to assure that each customer receives accurately what she needs the most efficient way it is possible.

An evaluation of the necessities is made through contact with the customer and its consultant. Based in the petitions of each customer, a specific structure or adjusted solution is created to optimize goals and to maximize benefits of the company in question. THe high technological standard of the Alpine Rose guarantees the most appropriate solution to supply the necessities of its company.

To direct and to make services as efficient as possible, all the offices of Alpine Rose, located in Brazil, Europe and U.S.A., uses specialized and dedicated professionals who gives legal services, secretary ship, administrative, countable and of engineering, thus supplying a complete structure to the customer. All this is made in order to guarantee an extremely specialized and high qualified work, which can optimize the results of the company, generating more yield and excellence of services anywhere it is installed. Directors can be available, inside or outside the company, to act as manager and director supervisor of incorporated companies in many jurisdictions. The use of an inernal net Alpine assures that the entity is in accordance with the tax governmental laws, rules, and works in the legal way in the country it is installed.

Alpine Rose follows the evolution, necessities and constant changes of the business world. It is conscious of the gradual growth of work's demand and the solution alternatives for its customers. With its intensive knowledge in the supplying of personal and enterprise services and its ample and developed net of offices, Alpine Rose offers the most efficient and adequate solution for your type of company and requests.

Do confirm the excellence of services provided by Alpine Rose. Anywhere you are, cntact us and certify yourself about the works that we can offer you and the efficient solutions we can provide to the needs of your company.